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This section is solely for discussion in helping to increase the knowledge of individuals regarding this life threatening disease. Please feel free to contribute your own personal/family experiences involving your battle with cancer. Remember this blog is for enlightening & education. All other topics should be left on the AskGmia tab. The organizations listed below are valid foundations that do a superb job of helping kids with cancer. #GmiasWorld Approval!


  1. From man to man I commend you for doing your part in this days society of educating everyone of cancer and other situations/instances. This is HeadshotBdyDrop from the Gmia Clan and co-partner of the youtube channel (FULLTIMEallTHETIMEFT). I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgskins Lymphoma. I was 2 weeks away from dying in my sleep from the amount of pressure the tumors were putting on my windpipe. I had a total of 4 tumors in my upper body ( 2 the size a grapefruit by my Pelvis, 2 the size of a tangerine on my windpipe). I went through 24 counts of Radiation, and around 26 counts of radiation. I attended camp chemo and i also participated in the make a wish foundation. My family and i raise money for cancer every year and attend the relay for life where i speak on my experience with Cancer as well. My doctors told me i wouldnt be able to have child and my lungs wouldnt be the same from the treatment. None of those things were true in MY instance. I now and a happily married man and son who is now 2 years of age. I have been cancer free for 13 years and still ticking. Dont ever let any instance knock you down. It was hard for me to keep positive with me being so young and seeing what the medicine was doing to my body. Having taken chemotherapy i can honestly say chemo has to be the worst experience in my life. Day after day i wanted to die, the medicine had me unable to move for 3 days after treatment. I could eat nor did i have any energy. All i can say is live your lxife as if today is your last, have fun and tackle every moment. Some people in this world take their lives for granted. Never in a million years will i have thought i would have been diagnosed with cancer. But im here now to tell my story to the world and be a example to son.

    Much love Headshotbdydrop (PJ Anderson)
    We all are family

  2. Thank you for sharing that inspirational story. You are very unique in the fact that u have lived to tell that story. You are completely correct in the fact that we are all family. Cancer affects EVERYONE, cancer doesn't discriminate And neither should we as the human race. I am very interested in bringing these type of stories to the forefront of our society and providing better options for children and adults alike. In this day and age we should not be using these hazardous means of curing a disease that was discovered so long ago. Only way we will have change is if we demand it. #AtGmiasWorldWeAreFamily

  3. Just wanted to let Mrs. Gmia know - with the recent government sequester, already limited funding became more limited. NIH (National Institute of Health, for those who aren't familiar) funding got cut 5% which amounts to roughly 700 grants. It may not seem like a lot but a lot of small pieces can add up quickly.

    Thoughts go out to WATSdaSCOOP. Very inspirational. Stories are like yours are why I wake up to go to work every morning. Keep fighting.

  4. Also wanted to leave some links to reputable charities in its own post. I asked around at work and my coworkers suggested these organizations as the best to donate to as far as cancer research goes. It's always tricky to figure out where best to donate to get the best results.

    1. Thanks for your immediate responses. It should help to keep everyone aware of their options.

  5. Cancer does affect anyone. Its crazy how people have this mentality that cancer only happens to certain people...a certain race...a certain age even come across ignorant ones that think karma plays apart in someone being diagnosed with cancer. What upsets me is that people have this vision as to what a person with cancer should or does look like. They have this image of a person who I guess is suppose to "look sick".. I am 28yrs old.. and I am currently surviving Leukemia. I say surviving because I believe if I say I am "fighting" it then it has a chance of taking over and its not going to happen. I actually am a sickle cell anemia survivor as well. What are the odd of having 1 person with both blood disorders..close to maybe 7 people ever documented. And if you took a quick glance at me you wouldn't think I had either.

    With that being said.. I wanted to add one more organization who is out there to help with the resources they have and that is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They have been there for me every step of the day. In meds alone my total bill is 7500 for a 30day supply. There is good people out there wanting and able to help...we just got to keep looking and just keep swimming :)

    <3 Alqui* (

  6. @ Ms Almonte Thank you for the interview. You a truly a special person and an inspiration.


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