Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Chip Kelly A Racist?


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  2. Okay, second time trying to post this. Going to keep it short.

    1. McCoy wasn't cut. Traded because he cost too much and we needed LBs.
    2. Maclin left because KC would pay him $13 Mill and we only offered $10 Mill. He ain't worth that money.
    3. Cooper has guarantees in his contracts making cutting him stupid and wasteful.
    4. Jackson and McCoy were diva, loudmouth, malcontents that Chip didn't feel like dealing with so he got rid of them. Would much rather get other talented players that don't come with any baggage and are focused on winning.
    5. A rapist goes 1st overall, Frank Clark is a Seahawk after knocking out his GF, and Greg Hardy is still in the league. But Chip Kelly cuts two assholes and he's the one ruining the NFL shield? Okay.
    6. Got rid of all the good black players? Only ones gone are you and Jackson! Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, Fletcher Cox, DeMeco Ryans, and Malcolm Jenkins are all still here. And a few of them will have words with thee come December.
    7. Chip is so racist he cut a black guy and traded a black guy. Then to replace one he signed two blacks guys. Then he signed a black guy to play cornerback. Then he drafted a bunch of black guys. Also he drafted black guys last year too. For a racist he sure likes to have a lot of black people on the team.

    McCoy acting like a 16 year old girl who got dumped. Every time he opens his mouth it is easy to see why he's gone.

    1. Excellent points. A lot of people believe the same thing but wasn't able to explain it the way you just did. Finally someone gets it. Great post.

    2. And as far as the culture goes any everything, that stuff really matters to Chip.

      People ask how Cooper can fit that culture. That was one incident. Inside the building though he is apparently a humble and hard worker.

      Chip Kelly wants people who are 100% focused on football and getting better all day every day in anyway they can.

      Just listen to interviews of the players Chip has added. Especially ones replacing guys who are now gone. Listen to how well they carry themselves. Listen to how focused they are and their mindset.

      Nelson Agholor said that he will "work like a peasant". Which means he will work just as hard if not harder than before.

      Eric Rowe is putting in work with the footwork king when he doesn't have to be. Josh Huff worked with him earlier.

      Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz have talked to all time greats on how to improve.

      Like I said, Chip wants players who love the game of football and are 100% focused on winning and 100% focused on improving each and every day.

      This childish bullshit does a disservice to the REAL racism that goes on in the US. Lesean McCoy can't handle that Chip Kelly dumped his ass so he has to make up excuses. It couldn't possible have been that he didn't fit the system. It couldn't possibly have been that he was a prick to deal with. No, Chip Kelly is just a racist!


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