Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Hurricane Sandy" Still no power for a lot of families in Long Island, NY

After 9 days without power in the freezing cold in a town that was not flooded but had numerous downed lines, it's hard to not record this as an epic fail from the NY STATE GOVT. FEMA and The Red Cross have been active in my ccommunity and I have seen it myself. Still no sighting of a power company employee in my area for 9 DAYS!!! Let me reiterate that my area had no flooding just downed wires. I know there are others who are doing much worst than me and I want to hear your voices. Leave a comment.


  1. jw did you take the hurricane seriously before it hit, or did you not really think that shit would happen to you since you live in great state of ny

  2. Honestly I never thought it would be this bad. I went 10 days without power and some people are still without power.


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